Amy Cormier


Amy started her career early July 2016. She completed her first training in Moncton New-Brunswick, and ever since she completed her very first model her motivation to create natural looking brows became a goal. 


Six months after her course, she quit her full time job as a preschool teacher, and started her full time career as a Microblading Specialist. Amy moved to Nova Scotia in August 2017 and worked at Flaunt Salon. From there, Amy built her niche in Nova Scotia. 


She recently opened her own studio called MillennialSalon in Bedford, Nova Scotia where she creates incredible Microblading transformations along with other cosmetic tattoo services such as Aquarelle lips. 


She now teaches Microblading courses to eager learners just like her, who want to have their own business. Amy loves what she does, and works hard to provide the best possible services to all her clients. As the leading Microblading / Permanent Makeup studio in Halifax, Amy offers the absolute best to her amazing clients. 

I couldnโ€™t be happier with the training I received from Amy. Along with being a great educator she is friendly, approachable and very patient. I love that even months after taking her class, she is still willing and happy to answer questions i have, giving me the confidence to succeed.